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Bulk LinkedIn Ads Publisher

LinkedIn Ads are notoriously difficult to manage at scale due to the lack of efficiency tools given to advertisers. That’s why created the only bulk ad publisher for LinkedIn Ads.

It supports both Sponsored Content (both rich-media and standard) and Text Ads, all within the same sheet.

Simply click ‘Get Started’ above to sign into your account (or sign up), select the account you’d like to publish to, and then you’re off to the races.

Use it For Free

Use the free version indefinitely, with the following limitations:

  • Publish up to 10 ads at a time
  • Image upload is disabled (you’ll need to host your images somewhere else online)

Paid Benefits

For $1,999/month, you get:

  • Unlimited ad publishing (up to 1,000 ads at a time)
  • Image upload for all types of ad creative


For large accounts or agencies managing several LinkedIn Ads accounts, this tool will do the trick of one or more full-time employees.