This video is outdated, but will give you a basic idea how the bulk ad publisher works. 

Will update when the tools are public ready.

Create & Manage Hundreds of LinkedIn Ads and Campaigns, Simply

Bulk ad creator

Bulk campaign creator

Bulk targeting and settings editor

Ad scheduler

Bulk ad editor

Bulk LinkedIn Ads Publisher

LinkedIn Ads are notoriously difficult to manage at scale due to the lack of efficiency tools given to advertisers. That’s why created the only bulk ad/campaign publisher for LinkedIn Ads.

It supports all ad formats (Sponsored Content, Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Message Ads), not to mention all variations (Video Ads, Carousel Ads, and Lead Gen Form Ads)

Simply click ‘Get Started’ above and it’ll have you sign into your LinkedIn account. Select the account you’re working on, then the tool you’re looking to use, and you’re off to the races! 

Use it For Free

This tool is currently very much in beta, so feel free to use unlimited with the only expense being that we’re hungry for feedback! Please use the Contact Us link to let us know any additional features you’d like to see or anything that would make the tools easier to use. 

At some point we’ll begin charging for the tool, but feel free to use freely until that point.

    Paid Benefits

    Pricing hasn’t been announced for when the tools are out of beta, but get in contact to chat about pricing if you’re looking to get access for your team.

    For large accounts or agencies managing several LinkedIn Ads accounts, this tool will do the trick of one or more full-time employees.