This video is outdated, but will give you a basic idea how the bulk ad publisher works. 

Will update when the tools are public ready.

Schedule Your LinkedIn Ads…FINALLY!

Pause ads over the weekend

Run ads only during business hours

Adjust bids/budgets on a schedule

Stop spending wildly during the night

And it’s FREE!

LinkedIn Ads Dayparting

LinkedIn Ads haven’t ever allowed us to do scheduling/dayparting like we get to enjoy on the other ad networks. And scheduling is incredibly important on LinkedIn because:

1. Budgets start spending for the day 12+ hours before your customer gets into the office

2. Your customers are taking action at specific times and you might not be reaching them

3. Costs are lower during high-traffic times, so get lower costs per lead

4. Many businesses see a difference in lead quality on the weekends vs weekdays

Use it For Free

With LinkedIn Ads Bulk, you can schedule up to 3 campaigns for free, forever. And there’s a free 14-day trial to try it out (along with all the other bulk tools) unlimited.

    Paid Benefits

    If you find scheduling your campaigns useful, you can upgrade to unlimited campaign scheduling for $199/mo.

    For large accounts or agencies managing several LinkedIn Ads accounts, this tool will do the trick of one or more full-time employees.